‘I was in the Arts Centre garden and everything was so beautiful, it made me want to cry, as it moved me so much. I suffer from depression and it made me feel life can be beautiful…’ J, local resident

Food made at home by another J, from the garden:


‘I feel happy right now.  Thank you so much. ‘ J, Drop-in participant.

‘It is great to see local adults and children in the garden during the holidays…really impressed with the new out side noticeboard erected yesterday, especially as a local youth (organisation) made it!’ I, drop-in participant

‘The nea garden is a haven in the city that provides inspiration and sanctuary especially for those who don’t have gardens. Now that I do have a garden, Valla provides support, advice and information about creating a similarly lovely space at home. She is engaging with children and adults alike and encourages everyone in the garden to get involved and be inspired by the project around them. It’s never the same and there is so much throughout the year to be involved with.’ J, local resident and Create participant.