New art work sprouts in the garden

Natalie, our artist-in-residence, has produced a new art work for the garden walls. Working with art students at Craigroyston High School, the walls of the garden are adorned with sprayed illustrations of germinating seeds.

Here’s a taster of the works:

IMG_2745  IMG_2746

Each picture depicts a pea or bean seed germinating and were created from the pupil’s drawings, which were blown up to create stencils. The students came down to North Edinburgh Arts at the end of term to spray them themselves.


Seed drawing

The art work is a permanent installation on the walls of the garden and adds extra colour and interest to our already imaginative green space. Do come for a look!


One response

  1. Thanks Craigroyston High School students for your art work. By luck I saw all your art work as Natalie was preparing to transfer them onto the walks of the garden at North Edinburgh Arts (NEA’s) Worth a look round the whole garden as not all the art is next to the cafe…………

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