Greenhouse revamp update

North Edinburgh Grows artist Natalie has been busy collecting stories of play for the revamp of the garden’s greenhouse. Natalie is interested in outdoor play, and will collate stories told by local children with memories of play told by older people who grew up locally, creating a booklet of outdoor play. Some of the stories will feature on the walls of the renovated greenhouse walls, as part of a spray painted art installation.

Natalie ran two workshops with local schools, working with experienced storytellers to explore play with the school children – Ryan Van Winkle worked with P7 at St Davids RC Primary School and Virginia Radcliffe worked with P6 at Craigroyston Primary School.

Here’s Virginia working with Craigroyston Primary:

IMG_4255 IMG_4257 IMG_4259

And Ryan with St David’s P7:

IMG_4331 IMG_4333 IMG_4335IMG_4330

Our revamped greenhouse will be unveiled soon! Watch this space.


North Edinburgh Grows makes it to America

American digital magazine The Dirt on Organic Gardening picked up on a photo of the garden here at North Edinburgh Arts  and wanted to use it in a feature on container gardening. And of course, we said yes!

Here’s the page from the magazine:


And here’s the original (credit to Joanne McArthur for taking the picture and to the Drylaw Community Project, whose planter it is):

NEA garden tyre planter

This article shows great cheap and free ways to get growing, no matter what space you have. It’s also a sustainable option, something we’re keen to embrace at North Edinburgh Grows!

Baby it’s cold outside… but there’s life in the garden yet

It may be cold outside but the garden is still brimming with life.

These hungy birds chowed down five fatty bird feeders put out at 11am this morning!

P1430934  P1430931

Overwintering cabbages and cauliflowers looking glorious in the winter sunshine

    P1430930                                  P1430929

Garlic poking it’s way out of the soil, spring bulbs getting ready to flower and an apple bud awaiting it’s final fruitful destiny

P1430927                                   P1430937


And a final rose leftover from summer (how did it survive the frosts?!)


Almost time to get sowing, spring’s on it’s way!