Our new sitootery

North Edinburgh Grows artist Natalie Taylor is making visual links with our garden and the use of the same land 100 years ago, using the frame of the greenhouse that was sadly damaged in the summer to make a social history sitootery (a place to sit).

Stories from locals who grew up in North Edinburgh of their childhood games playing in the fields, rivers and landscape and of the current generation’s playing will be printed onto six more panels going up soon.

The photo on the first side was chosen along with Social History Group from Royston Wardieburn and by speaking to locals in Muirhouse, and is of West Pilton potato farmers, circa. 19.12-19.14

10710667_670101219769542_7541624198707682229_n541531_670101253102872_8255212112118957068_n 10384859_670101209769543_2514687835371843511_n 10653743_670101283102869_1655748607578872329_n 10690042_670128336433497_2930090786516239307_n


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