Elderflower cordial

At the garden party, we made some home made elderflower coridal using elderflowers from the garden, and it went down a treat! So here’s the recipe for you.

The elder tree is very common – you can spot it all over the place at this time of year by its flowers and their gorgeous smell. There are loads on the bike paths in North Edinburgh.

Here’s the flower and tree:




Elderflower cordial:


10 elderflower heads

500g sugar

1 lemons, juice squeezed out and sliced

1 litre boiling water


Dissolve the sugar in the water.

Add the sliced lemons and lemon juice and the elderflower heads.

Stir and cover.

Leave for 24 hours.

Strain through muslin or through a seive into a jug.

Dilute with water to your own taste.


If you have any cordial left over, put it in the fridge or in the freezer to keep it fresh. What a taste of summer!


Garden finished and some party photos

We had a lovely time unveiling our new garden, especially our amazing shipwreck sandpit area, to the local community yesterday afternoon. The sun definitely shone for us!

Here’s some pics from the afternoon:

The new sandpit area


IMG_7149 (22)

IMG_7151 (24)





IMG_7164 (12)



Cutting the ribbon: TJ, Amy and Councillor Burns plus crowds waiting





Wandering around in the sunshine:





Shipwreck construction full steam ahead!

The construction of our shipwreck sandpit area is in full swing, here’s some shots of our last exciting installation in the garden.

Building the ship (check out the exciting water standpipe at the front of the shot):


Ship’s ribs lie waiting:

Putting the ribs into place:



Turfing, with loads of help from Tomorrow’s People:



The sand arrives on Monday – helpers are needed to barrow it in! Drop into NEA after 10am if you’d like to help.

And don’t forget our party on Wednesday afternoon!