Plot holders wanted!

The work started on the garden and so, our thoughts are turning to the finished garden.

There are four plots in the garden that are for use by community groups. The plots are about 6 metres by 9 metres in size, and how groups use them is entirely up to them: it could be food growing space, it could be a demonstration front garden, a crazy sculpture garden or a relaxing Japanese Zen garden – use your imagination! Groups don’t need to commit to a plot for the long-term – we’re happy for groups to try it out for a growing season. There will be support available on the growing side of things for those without gardening experience.

Here’s some inpiration for you:

raised_beds-garden_photo-close-380x304                     Garden-Art-2








Please spread the word! This is a great opportunity for groups to get their own outdoor space.

We’re also open to proposals for sharing plots or even for groups who’d just like a bed to start growing.

We’d like to invite anyone with an interest to  let us know by the end of the year – we’ll start the process of allocating the plots in January – e-mail, call 0131 315 6408 or drop into North Edinburgh Arts.


One response

  1. looking forward to starting a ‘soup and stew’ plot if Pilton Community Gardeners get given a plot… already got a wish list for veggies and dreams of cooking them and the gorgeous taste. Must be hungry, away for my tea. x

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