Moving the Sculpture!

Hart Construction kindly came to NEA today to help move the sculpture from the front of the garden towards the back. The sculpture will eventually be a part of the new bouldery and stumpery in the new garden.


There they go!



And down.




Scott and Dale from Acorn Contractors will be on site today digging its final resting place, ready for Hart to come back next week and put it in position.

This is the very start of the work in the garden – more coming soon!


Welcome to our new blog!


This blog will be used to update about things happening in the garden at North Edinburgh Arts. Have a look at the questions above to find out more about the project.

Coming soon…. the start of the garden’s redevelopment!

Give us any ideas you have: what would you like to see in the garden? What would you like to do? Get in touch!